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Apple professional learning

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We care not only about how we teach.

but also about how our students learn.

The approach of Senco Schools in professional learning challenges every teacher to go beyond listening to resource speakers. We design learning sessions that encourage participants to converse with fellow educators and perform tasks to experience how Apple devices help in accomplishing teaching and learning goals. 

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Learning with iPad is a one to two-hour event that aims to immerse teachers into the iPad's built in tools. Focusing on foundational skills, teachers will learn how to set up their device and explore its functionalities. Skill level: basic to intermediate. 

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Professional Development Boot Camp is a learning event for teachers of current partner schools. The program seeks to deepen their experience in Apple integration through activities that include small group discussions, simulations and performance tasks. 

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We welcome school leaders and teachers who would like to engage in conversations about education technology and Apple in education. This program is conducted online for 30 minutes via a video conferencing platform. 

For more information about these programs, please message us at

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