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Senco Link Technologies' 
Data Privacy Terms & Conditions

I allow Senco Link Technologies Inc., (“Company”) to provide me certain services (“Services”) declared in the document or deed where this Consent form is placed.


I acknowledge and agree to third party processors required by the Company in order to maintain quality, and deliver efficient and effective Services. I also acknowledge and agree to provide my personal identifiable and sensitive information to the Company for it to provide said Services.


In line with these, I agree and authorize the Company to collect, record, organize, store, update, transfer, use for monitoring and/or audit purposes, and to process as necessary, any information pertaining to myself, or any updates thereof under the following circumstances:

1. To provide the Services I requested as stated in the document where this Consent form is attached.

2. To acknowledge and agree that my personal information will be shared by the Company to Apple Inc., and other affiliates and partners as part of its contractual obligations, or with government agencies pursuant to law or legal processes.

3. To disclose my information to the Company’s affiliates (including but not limited to Apple Inc., and their employees and staff and to accredited/affiliated third parties or independent/non-affiliated third parties, whether local or foreign. In this regard, the Company employs security systems designed to protect my information against unauthorized access.


4. In order to improve the quality of service the Company provides, the Company may use such information in the design and communication of its customer programs, marketing campaigns and offers; and


5. To allow this Consent to remain valid from its execution and until 10 years after the termination of my policy, or at such time that I submit to the Company a written revocation/cancellation of such Consent, whichever is earlier; I agree that my information will be deleted/destroyed after this period. I hereby acknowledge and warrant that I have acquired the consent of all parties pertinent to this transaction to disclose their information for the proper administration and provision of services requested from this transaction.

I hereby hold free and harmless and undertake to indemnify the Company for any complaint, suit, damages and the like which any party may file or claim against the Company in relation to this acknowledgement and warranty.


Note: The Company may not fully provide the services required unless consent to all conditions above have been granted.

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