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Pegasus32 Series
  • Based on TitanRidge, Intel’s latest Thunderbolt™ chip, Pegasus32 has great new features expanding your connectivity.

  • Connect to either Thunderbolt™ 3 enabled host at 40Gbps or USB 3.2 Gen 2 enabled host at 10Gbps!Thunderbolt™ 3 cable included

  • Supports 8K monitor via the full size 4-lane DP 1.4 port!

  • Power your hosts up to 85W with Thunderbolt™ 3

  • Up to 128TB of raw capacity with Pegasus32 R8

  • Read/Write speeds increase up to 2800 MB/s with SSD*

  • Compatible with Apple macOS Big Sur and the new M1 chip powered Mac

*Performance figures presented here are tested by PROMISE. Figures may vary by environment.

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PegasusPro Series

Technology Breakthrough-FileBoost™

Convert from DAS to NAS and vice-versa with FileBoost™ for the first time, reducing hours of troublesome transferring and sharing time to just one-click.
  • Performance and Sharing - Recommended for medium to large editing teams. Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 ports (AJA Write:2809MB/s, Read:2784MB/s)* supports up to five 4K concurrent editors and sharing with up to twenty NAS users with 10G Ethernet switch.

  • Investment Protection for Pegasus Users - Aggregate, share content and expand up to total 6 daisy chain on Pegasus3 and/or Pegasus32 to ensure the best utilization of asset to Pegasus users, in addition, allow to be upgraded and adapted to fit future needs, e.g. 8K definition.

  • No Compromising Performance - Embrace high performance file sharing for collaborative workflow features on Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci etc.

  • Ease of Use - Plug and Play. Intuitive and simple PROMISE Utility Pro to simplify user and data administration, enables seamless transition and ease of use to end users.

  • Data Protection is essential - Worldwide most robust PROMISE RAID engine, stable and high performance. Easy backup to NAS and Cloud.

  • Cost Effective - All-in-one storage to support Thunderbolt™ DAS/Ethernet NAS/Thunderbolt™ NAS. Thunderbolt™ -to-Ethernet networking connects shared asset storage to workstations. Scale up storage capacity with up to 6 JBOD expansion units on PegasusPro R16.

*Performance figures presented here are tested by PROMISE. Figures may vary by environment.

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SANLink3 N1

Portable and convenient high-speed ethernet connectivity

SANLink3 N1 NBase-T lets you connect at 1, 2.5 or 5Gbps over most existing Ethernet wiring or up to 10Gbps on the latest high-speed networks.
  • Convenient and compact - SANLink3 N1 is bus-powered and requires no separate power supply. With its compact size and included Thunderbolt™ 3 cable, you can now stay mobile without sacrificing connection speeds.

  • A Complete Thunderbolt3 based storage workflow - Promise offers Thunderbolt™3 based solutions for all of your storage needs, leveraging Pegasus3 storage devices and SANLink3 bridge adapters.

  • Affordable high speed Ethernet connection solution - SANlink3 N1 raises the bar for high-speed Ethernet connectivity and affordability. No other Thunderbolt™ 3 adapter provides these capabilities in such small compact package.

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Ideal for multi-user collaboration to ingest, edit, stream and process rich media.
VTrak J5960.JPG
VTrak J5000.JPG
VTrak D5000.JPG
VTrak E5000.JPG
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Agility, Reliability and Ultimate in Value


The Vess R3000 Series unified storage appliance consolidates both block and file protocols onto a single hardware platform, providing today’s SMB IT operations with cost-effective ways to be flexible, meet performance goals while simplifying storage administration. High availability features design with active-active configuration, the Vess R3000 Series storage solutions can be used in data-intensive environments such as virtualized, cloud data centers or mid-size to large scale surveillance installations utilizing the VESS A Series products where no downtime is required. From Terabytes to Petabytes and beyond with support for on-demand expansion capability plus advanced storage services features bundled, the Vess R3000 Series offerings are the most cost-effective solutions that all SMB’s can afford.

Efficient, Intelligent and Highly Scalable for Your Business Needs


Future proof your storage investment, the Vess R3000 Series supports up to 208 hard drives with online expansion capability. Over-allocating of storage leveraging Thin-Provisioning feature helps take the worry out of planning and testing when additional capacity is required in the future. The included Read/Write Flash Cache Acceleration feature provides additional performance boost while lowering the latency. PROMISE intelligent data caching automatically promotes hot data to cache in real time, so you get the full benefit of flash performance. An additional layer of data protection with the use of the Snapshot feature aides with Point-in-Time content recovery when your business needs it most.

Simplifying Management and Support


Simplicity and ease of use are absolutely crucial for SMBs with limited IT resources. The Vess R3000 is designed specially with SMBs in mind as it features One Plug Auto Service (OPAS) to reduce maintenance complexity and streamline an easier tech support workflow. Simply plug in a USB drive and the user can retrieve information about the system for tech support, upgrade firmware, reset passwords and much more. Embedded web storage management with intelligence Wizard technology helps reduce the learning curve for setup and configuring of the storage solution in your environment.

Going the Extra Mile to Protect Your Data


The Vess R3000’s new CacheGuard Data Protection features, Advanced Battery Flash Backup, go that extra mile to ensure your data is safe in case of power loss. Delivering protection of RAID controller write cache content beyond the standard 72-hour window, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected even when disaster strikes. Predictive Data Migration (PDM) proactive and predictive analytics keep your data safe with self healing technology.

Virtualization Ready


Ready to confront any challenge in today’s virtualized IT environment, the Vess R3000 Series is certified with VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Veeam, and DataCore SANsymphony. Virtualization enables dynamic storage allocations such that physical layers of storage can be utilized most effectively. As virtual machines continue to increase with more virtualized deployments, 16Gb Fibre Channel performance delivers the faster bandwidth needed for growing infrastructures.

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